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Gold Challenge

The Gold Challenge requires students to create a leadership service-learning project that integrates prersonal and professional interests, the community, and developing leadership in others.  Students select an organization, group, or "cause" for which  they can apply the leadership concepts and skills learned through the Leadership Challenge program to improve a real situation in a particular community.  Participants are responsible for identifying a need (with the assistance o the organization), developing alternative solutions to meet the need, selecting an alternative to implement, implementing the solution, and evaluating the result.

Bri Ferraro

Alexis Johnson

Ashlyn Dalton

River Walls

Summer Taylor

Scarlet Nunez

Samantha Oliva

Yahira Robinson

Jocelyn Marencik

Malaysia Campbell

Anissa Burwell

Ethan Fernandez

Toluwanimi Debayo-Doherty

Joshua Burns

Molly Lawler

Summer Fulbright

Karmen Goode

Lareine Gohi

Tabrianna Harden

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